Szavakkal a lélekért


Our savior within

2020. április 29. - Balberie


I don't want to be just another princess in the highest tower of the castle waiting for her savior. I would much rather be a warrior princess who escapes from her prison and kill the dragon herself. I wish no longer to live on fairytales that make me believe I need someone to be saved or to be whole again. I don't want to be the person who thinks she needs Prince Charming to have a better life. I want to be that person who not only believes but knows that she has all the power she needs to be enough as she is. 
I've got tired of depending on people or circumstances. All I ever wanted is to be free and often I forget that hard times have always been and will always be there. What I want is to remember. Remember the power I once discovered within myself.
We all need reminders from time to time when we forget about our greatness. I don't want to go on and on about different empty clichés. I just want to inspire and to be inspired, because being confident and find our emotional strength is just one thing. There could be an ocean filled with tools and motivations for this problem only. What most people forget to mention is that you will lose your power over time again and again, which is normal. It is fine to fail and then find the strength to stand up again. I don't think anyone can possess such inner strength with consistency. This kind of confidence was made to be lost and found over and over again until we finally gain balance. When we lose our grip on our inner power and fall, it takes time to pull ourselves together again. Then we succeed and it fills us up with energy. We feel empowered, but then life happens and we fall again. However thanks to our previous falls and experiences it takes less and less time to stand up again. 
In today's society, gender equality is strongly present and discussed. Women can be independent and there are more and more powerful female roles setting us great examples. As a woman, I think it is great to have the opportunity to be equal. In an enlightened society, there needs to be enlightened values and roles. On the other hand, I wouldn't connect the opportunity of freedom and independence to genders. 
It doesn't matter how we identify ourselves, as the prince/princess or the hero/heroine who needs to be saved. The point is that we are the creators of our faith and we should not wait until our Prince Charming knocks on the door, while we wait in the depth of our dungeons where we voluntarily locked ourselves in. The door is opened and we can step out of it if we want to. I'm not saying it's easy or there is no struggle along the way. I'm not claiming you won't need your inner strength or some encouragement. All I'm saying is that we all have the power to unlock the door and defeat the dragon equally. Whether we succeed or not it all depends on the work we are willing to put in it. 
We all have the chance to practice the freedom of choice. I wish not to live my life in a dungeon or the highest tower of the castle, while I'm staring at the door day by day waiting for someone to rescue me. I know I can step up. I know I have already had the inner power and strength that I need. All I have to do is to remember it even if I'm lost in the darkness.